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Historically, Africa has been a continent that has had its images shaped externally. The perception of Africa as “the Dark Continent” and a land ravaged by epidemics, war, strife, hunger, poverty, natural catastrophes, and disease has been fairly consistently put forth by media sources from outside the continent. These dated images of the continent have been perpetuated and spread to all corners of the world by strong globally positioned media channels.


In addition to having 3 state-owned broadcasters, South Africa has Africa’s top media company, Naspers. With a capitalization of $104 Billion, Naspers owns broadcast media houses throughout Africa. In addition to a State-owned broadcaster, Kenya has six large private corporations with television and radio stations. Kenya also has over 100 corporate and non-profit stations broadcasting throughout the country. In Egypt, 6 state-run TV, 30 state-owned radio stations, and 8 privately held stations comprise the country’s broadcasting industry.

Broadcast Media

Among the 215 million households of the region, around 102 million have access to television.

TV penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa is at 42%.

Television, radio and mobile mediums have near-universal penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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